Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Prayer Bracelets

We have been so incredibly humbled by the love and support these past few weeks of our family, friends and our community.  It touches my heart to know that so many people have lifted our sweet little Grace up in your prayers and continue to do so.  

As we continue on our journey, we know that we will need each and every one of you to keep praying for us and encouraging us to find joy and happiness in each and every moment.

My parents, John and Susie Galer, along with some help from my brother, Johnny, and his wife, Emily, bought some bracelets to wear that say "A Grace Filled Journey." Mom wanted them to be either pink or purple for Grace, but since pink is so universally known for breast cancer awareness, we decided on purple.

New prayer bracelets in honor of Grace.
Kyle and I, along with both sets of our parents, are already wearing or bracelets each and every day.  Tomorrow, I will be taking some to the kids in Grace's class because they love on her all the time, making her time at preschool so much brighter.

Many of you have asked how YOU can buy a bracelet.  Well, they're not for sale. But you're more than welcome to have one.  The idea behind it is that when you wear it, you will say a prayer for Grace each time you see it. 

Starting on Thursday, the bracelets will be available at The Journal-News office, located at 431 South Main Street in Hillsboro.  If you would like to have one, stop in and ask for one, and there is no charge. For those that feel so inclined, you may make a donation, which will be given to "iCan for iNAD," a fundraiser to support a researcher studying this disorder at Washington University.

For those that live outside this area, feel free to contact me, and we will make arrangements to get one to you.

Right now, there is a limited supply of the bracelets, but we will be able to order more if we need to.

We hope you will wear your bracelets proudly, remembering that each and every day is always "a Grace filled journey." And we thank you ALL so much for your love, support and most of all your prayers.



  1. Count me in! Prayers already come every day from Florida! Big hugs to Grace!! (And one for her Mommy, too!)

  2. We promise to pray for your family as you continue in this journey.
    Emily's Aunt Lu and Uncle George

  3. Mom said she received a bracelet from your Mom with a card. It brightened her day to receive the bracelet. I hope to get one sent my way and will send a donation in Grace's name to Washington University-Tom's an alumni. Let me know where to send via e-mail if possible. Purple is Alexis's favorite color. We read the blogs together and she loves all the pictures you post of Grace. Love and prayers.