Thursday, January 8, 2015

iCan for INAD

As we turned the calendar over to the new year, Kyle and I began our yearly talk about New Year's resolutions. Last year, I resolved to worry about money less, a resolution which was definitely put to the test in 2014.

We started talking once again about New Year's resolutions, and it was tougher this year. I felt like making resolutions seemed sort of pointless in the face of our reality.

But then I found this challenge, and it was started by a mom in Texas, whom I am just now getting to know. Her son, Jake, is five-years-old, and shares the same diagnosis as Grace. She started a challenge called "iCan for INAD." I will share the link to the challenge as well.

Part of it is a fundraiser. This mom has partnered with a national organization, Ainsley's Angels, to raise money to fund a new treatment study with Dr. Paul Kotzbauer at Washington University in St. Louis. Currently, there are no treatment options at all for children diagnosed with INAD, and this study could be very exciting for INAD families. Kyle and I have already made a contribution to help with the funding.

And while the fundraising is a part of the challenge, the part I liked most was the challenge itself. "iCan for INAD." This year, challenge yourself to do five things you "can't" do, and turn them into "i Cans."

Sometimes I get caught up in all the things that Grace can't do. During her Thanksgiving program, I couldn't help but wish she could sing and dance with her classmates at the front of the church. But then I turned to look at Grace. She had a smile on her face the whole program, and loved being a part of it. We feel very fortunate for all the experience she CAN have at preschool and in our day-to-day lives.

So, instead of focusing on the "cant's" this year, let's challenge ourselves to things we never thought we could do in honor of Grace. Kyle and I have already made our lists, and they will appear in this blog. We encourage everyone we know to pick five things to do this year. Because we know you can! Keep in mind that it's not something you have to finish in just one month, you have the whole year.

In 2015, Kyle says he "CAN"
• Run a 10K
• Exercise three or more times a week
• Write a fictional short story
• Write at least 12 columns
• Build something

In 2015, Mary says she "CAN"
• Read five or more books for fun
• Have a guest spot on Kyle's podcast
• Eat healthier
• Do a 5K run/walk with Grace
• Help find a cure for INAD by donating

This is the link for the iCan for Grace page:

We would love for you to check it out and let us know what you "CAN" do this year.  Together, let's make 2015, a year to remember!

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