Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Daddy Daughter Night

So yesterday I got to see Grace all of 30 minutes, maybe. Fortunately I got the chance to make up for it tonight as Grace and I hung out while Mary and Lindsay Wagahoff hit the Fox for Cinderella (the Broadway show, not the mid-80s hair band). It was an awesome night. Here's a few pics.

Chilling out after the Happy Feet class at Fusion.
A little candle light dinner with the Princess.
Bath time.
Post-bath, pre-bed drum solo.
Future drummer for the US Soccer American Outlaws Fan Section.
A little catch before bed.
Fading fast.
A little light reading before lights out.
The Pete the Cat book has a fitting end...
"The moral of Pete's story is: No matter what you step in,
keep walking along and singing your song...
... Because it's all good."

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  1. Dang! You two -- or should I say three -- just keep creating blog posts that are each better than the last. Thanks for sharing.