Monday, May 25, 2015

Showers of Blessings

It was certainly a busy and exciting weekend for the Herschelman family.  We celebrated high school graduation, Memorial Day and even a baby shower or two.  And though we are tired, we wouldn't trade it for the world.

Perhaps our biggest event of the weekend has been in the works for the past few months.  I helped to plan a baby shower for two of the newest members of the family.  Both Kyle's sister, Mikaela, and his brother's wife, Monica, are expecting babies this summer, and Grace gets to be a big cousin for the very first time!

Grace can't wait to meet her two new cousins.  If you look closely, her shirt says "I'm Going to Be a BIG cousin!"
It's also pretty exciting for us because Kyle and I will get to be an uncle and an aunt for the first time too.  We are pretty excited to have some new family members to spoil.

Grace sure LOVED all the attention at the shower.
Showers are always a lot of fun, because you get to visit with a lot of family, some of whom you don't see very often.  And Grace just loves hanging out with people who give her undivided attention.

It was fun putting the shower together with these lovely ladies!
The shower was being planned by Mikaela's cousin, Dana, and her friend, Lauren.  Dana came up with a really cute Dr. Seuss theme, and everything turned out really well.  Both babies got lots of new, cute things, and we had a fun time catching up with everyone.

Grandma Susie made the darling Cat in the Hat cake!
But the best part will come over the next few months when the babies come.  Grace will get two brand new cousins to be a part of her life.  

I feel very blessed to be close to cousins on both sides of my family, and at first I was kind of sad that Grace would never have the chance to share secrets or play games or do any of the things I remember doing with my cousins.  But the more I thought about it, the more I realized how lucky Grace will be.  She will have two new people to love her, protect her and become her closest friends.

It was fun to hang out with family at the shower.
And just because she won't be able to do things the way I remember doing them, doesn't mean they won't create their own bond.  I'm sure Grace will love to play ball with her new cousins. I'm sure she will love watching them grow and play together, and just be part of a very special family.

The Herschelman "cousin" bears (from the left are Baby Tabaka, Baby Herschelman and Grace).
There's just something special about a bond between cousins, and I'm so glad that Grace will have two new ones to share her journey.


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