Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Feet of Grace

We get by with a little (or a lot) of help from our friends.

Kyle and I are continually humbled and blessed by the goodwill shown to us throughout our community as Grace battles INAD. Friends and family bring meals or come to visit. Churches keep us on their prayer chains. Just before valentines day, a church in Litchfield brought us a bag full of cards, and Kyle and I enjoyed reading all the scriptures people picked out for us.

Last weekend was a very special show of love for our family. For the second time, dancers from Fusion Dance Center hosted the Feet of Grace benefit in honor of our beautiful Grace. They held a show full of special dance routines and raised money to help us take care of Grace. In addition, Grace’s first grade teacher at Beckemeyer and some of her school friends hosted a bake sale during the performance.

Since Grace got sick last December, we haven’t really been able to take her very many places, due to cold weather and rampant sickness. But that Sunday (Feb. 9) was a pretty afternoon and we made the short trek to the high school for the show, where they had saved us seats in the very front row. Although Grace slept through part of the production, Charley was enraptured by the dancers from the very first song. She leaned over to me and said, “this is wonderful.” Her attention span didn’t make it through the whole concert, but we all loved being there.

One of my favorite parts of the concert was when it was over. We knew some of the dancers and their families, and many stopped by to say hi. But several of the dancers we didn’t know came over to meet Grace. They wanted to tell her they were dancing for her and that they hoped she felt better soon. It always warms my heart to see kids interacting with Grace, and makes me know the world will be a better place someday because of wonderful kids like these.

It doesn’t seem like enough just to say thank you to everyone who helped raise over $1,400 for our family that day, but we will always be grateful to our friends who help us get by, that day and every day on this Grace-Filled Journey.

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