Friday, October 28, 2016

A Race 4 Grace

Several years ago, Kyle did a car care feature on Jason Williamson of Hillsboro, who does remote control car racing in the area. Last year, he invited us to come and watch him race one evening, as he was trying to raise more awareness for INAD. That particular night didn't work, but we promised to try and come this year.

Kyle designed the flyer for the race.
As the new season started, Jason asked if he could stop by to show Grace his car this year. He had selected a photo of Grace to run on the hood with our slogan "A Grace-Filled Journey." It was a fun evening of visiting, and Jason told us he was working on a fundraising event for INAD research.  Plus, his car looks awesome with Grace's photo on it!

We couldn't wait to see Jason when we got there!
After looking ahead to the fall, Jason asked if we could come to Slideways RC Raceway at the Fayette County Fairgrounds in Brownstown on Oct. 22, so we put it down on our calendar.  Kyle helped Jason to create a flier for the event, and we did some publicity in the paper. 

Someone was SO excited for her special day!
The morning of the race, we set out a little early so we could make sure and arrive before the races officially started at noon. Jason was going to drive his car in the official start lap while the National Anthem played, and he wanted Grace to help him drive it.

All the cars lined up before the race.
All smiles before the races began!
Although it's the norm for us to run a bit late, we arrived around a half an hour early, and enjoyed visiting with Jason and one of the organizers, Josh, who showed us around the racetrack. They ended up with about 30 remote control race cars in a variety of classes, and as they got set up, we got settled into our seats by the side of the track.

These are Jason's cars for the big event.
Organizers lined up all the participating cars for a photo before the start of the race, and then Kyle and Grace went over to one side so Grace could help Jason drive his car during the National Anthem lap. Kyle helped to hold Grace up a bit, and Jason helped her steer as the song played.  Kyle said that she just giggled and cooed the whole time.

Grace loved helping to drive the car during the National Anthem.
As the qualifying laps started, we settled into our lawn chairs to watch the cars. It was really neat to see them, and although the drivers made it look easy, I'm pretty sure i would wreck at the first corner.

Jason gave Grace a picture of her car with the date of the event.
After a bite to eat for lunch, including some awesome kettle corn, we switched places, and Grace promptly fell asleep on my lap for part of the afternoon. I definitely enjoyed the snuggles as we watched all the races.  And we especially loved when Jason's heats came up so we could see Grace's car go round and round the track.

Mommy got some snuggles at the race too.
Although the races went well into the evening, we got ready to go after the first qualifying heats were finished. We gathered up our stuff and made our way to the table where Jason was working on his car to give our thanks and say goodbye. Then we stopped by to say thanks to Josh, and he presented us with $650 in donations to INAD research from the day. We were completely blown away, and so humbled by the generosity of the racers and the event organizers. Kyle took Grace up front and talked a little about INAD and what their donations would mean to the research.

Kyle told the racers about INAD research.
Jason also presented Grace with a framed photo of his car racing with the date of A Race 4 Grace on it, and we can't wait to hang it up in our home.  

We are SO grateful to everyone who helped make the event a success!
It was such a special day for our family, and we are always grateful for a chance to share Grace's story and raise more awareness for INAD. Thanks to all the racers and organizers for their support, and we hope to be back to see the cars race again soon.


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