Saturday, April 9, 2016

An Enchanted Evening With Cinderella

Looking to take Grace on another enchanted evening, we made our way to this year's Hillsboro High School production of Cinderella on Friday evening, and it definitely left us feeling both inspired and enchanted.

We took Grace to see Cinderella this weekend!
It was a relatively light work weekend, so Kyle and I were trying to decide what to do with an open Friday evening.  We had talked about taking Grace to see Cinderella, but we couldn't decide. For me, I worried it would be kind of hard. I participated in the operetta all four years while I was at Hillsboro High School, and as I looked back on my wonderful memories, I worried it would get me thinking about the fact that Grace wouldn't have that same experience someday.

In the end, we decided it would be more fun to go together as a family, than to just stay at home, and it turned out to be such a great decision. 

Hanging out with Hazel before the show!
In true Herschelman family fashion, we arrived only moments before the show started.  Kyle dropped Grace and I at the door, while he parked the van, and we quickly found some seats in the bleachers before the show started. One of Grace's preschool friends, Hazel, came over to see her before the start of the show.

It's a little blurry, but Grace loved watching the carriage ride by.
The lights went down, and the magic truly did begin.  From the elaborate sets and costumes to the talented students, we enjoyed every single minute.  Grace smiled anytime the music started, and loved the part when Cinderella and the Fairy Godmother rode right in front of us in the carriage. 

Grace loved seeing Hazel again at intermission!
Our favorite part came just before that, when Cinderella and the Fairy Godmother sang a song called, "Impossible." As Cinderella sings about not being able to go to the ball, the Fairy Godmother sings about how "impossible things are happening every day." I looked over at Kyle, who had a tear or two in his eye, thinking about what impossible things we hope and dream will happen. It's true, impossible things ARE happening every day, and we will NEVER give up the fight to #beatINAD.

At intermission, Kyle went to get her stroller so she would have a chance to sit by herself for the second act. She and I sat in our seats and enjoyed visiting with many other theater-goers who stopped by to see us.  Our friend, Earlene, stopped by and gave Grace a star light-up wand, which was one of her very favorite things.  Hazel also stopped by again to show Grace her light-up Cinderella dress, and a few other preschool friends came by too.

These two goofballs during act two!
Grace got a little restless in act two, as do many four-year-old kids, but daddy kept her entertained with the light-up wand.  As the final curtain call finished, we stuck around so give Grace a chance to meet some of the high school actors and actresses, which by far was Grace's favorite part of the whole night.  We made our way to the gym floor, and stopped first to see Alli, who had been one of the evil stepsisters. Alli works at the paper, so she already knew Grace, and stopped to talk to her, and Grace certainly ate up all the attention.

Talking to Alli Reeves, who played the evil stepsiter, Joy.
Grace and Alli as Joy.
Grace with Chris Storm as Lionel.
Taking a photo with Lionel.
We made our way to Cinderella, Lionel, Prince Christopher, Joy and even the Fairy Godmother before heading out.  Even though most of the little girls favorite character was Cinderella, Grace's seemed to be the handsome prince.  He stopped to pose for a photo and talk to Grace, and she just kept grinning up at him.  It was so sweet, even if it did make Grace's daddy a little nervous.  

Grace and Fallon Sellers as Cinderella.
Grace with Shruthi Mekala as the evil stepsister, Grace.
Grace and Maddie Mizera as the Fairy Godmother. Grace was especially excited about her tiara.
Grace had SO many smiles for Prince Christopher.
Our special thanks to everyone who helped to make this year's Hillsboro High School operetta such an enchanted opportunity for our sweet Grace and for our community. Grace may not be able to make the same memories I did as a member of the cast, but she definitely enjoyed being part of this year's audience. Remember to always keep dreaming because "impossible things are happening every day!"


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