Thursday, June 4, 2015

Queens on a Mission

 I am and forever will be your 1996 Old Settlers Queen, Mary Galer.  Okay, nobody do the math, but this was one of my proudest moments of my high school career.  I loved the chance to represent my hometown community, and wearing the crown, well, that was just a bonus.

Queens are sort of a rite of passage in this area. All of our communities throughout the county have pageants as part of their summer celebrations, each with young girls and teens, dreaming of the chance to be a real-life princess.

Meet the Queens on a Mission!
Kyle asked me once what I would do if Grace told us she wanted to be in a Little Miss pageant.  I told him that I would not push her to do something like that, but that if she came to us, and wanted to, I was for letting her try it. I told him that there are lots of really great lessons to learn from pageants, like always doing your best, speaking or singing in front of a crowd and even that not everyone wins all the time.

Since being diagnosed with INAD, we know Grace may not have that chance. However, she has been adopted by a sweet group of five queens, helping to raise money for the research study.

Meet Reagan, Lauryn, Addi, Kearstynn and Summer, five girls with the biggest hearts. They are truly "Queens on a Mission!"

Earlier this spring, Addison's mom gave me a call to say she had an idea for a fundraiser. This year's American Girl doll was named, Grace, and they wanted to raffle one off to raise money for the INAD study.  We were thrilled!

Grace just LOVED when the girls were talking to her.
They ended up getting the doll, as well as a set of St. Louis Cardinals tickets and some gift cards to raffle off as part of the fundraiser.

Before they started selling tickets, they asked me if I could bring Grace to be in the photo with the girls. And they wanted her to wear her Queen Grace crown and sash from the father-daughter dance in Litchfield in April.  The girls were so cute in all their royal accessories, and Grace certainly loved all the attention when the girls were talking to her.

The picture ran in the paper announcing the raffle was starting, but the girls wanted to do more. The past two weeks, they have been at Dollar General and IGA, and plan to be at the Hillsboro Sports Complex this coming weekend.  Tickets will be sold until July 4, when Grace will get to draw for the prizes.

Daddy's two favorite queens.
So, if your'e looking for a great way to join "A Grace-Filled Journey," help these special "Queens on a Mission." They are true royalty, inside and out.


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