Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Throwing Out Another Great Memory

It seems like Grace is getting to be an old pro at pitching in high school games!

The senior Lady Redskins gave Grace a teddy bear and a signed ball.
We have been so honored that Grace has been invited to throw out the first pitch at several high school baseball and softball games this season.  Each one has been a unique experience, and we've made memories that we will always treasure.

Earlier this season, one of the Nokomis Lady Redskins' coaches, Bruce Cox, asked Kyle if Grace could throw out a first pitch at a softball game this season.  Kyle looked at the schedule and picked the Morrisonville game, since the Mohawk family has sort of adopted us as well.

Hanging out with Grandma and Grandpa Galer before the game.
Monday was just a gorgeous day for a softball game, and the Lady Redskins and the Lady Mohawks treated us like we were royalty.

The princess is all ready to throw out her first pitch!
Before the game started, the senior members of the Lady Redskins presented Grace with a signed yellow softball (I think she's going to need a display case for her growing collection of sports memorabilia!) and a Redskin teddy bear with a red outfit on.  Grace just loved snuggling with the bear.

Grace snuggled with her daddy and her new Redskin teddy bear!
Then, all three of us had the chance to line up with the team along the first base line for the singing of the National Anthem, which was something we hadn't done yet, and really cool!

Lining up with the team for the National Anthem.
Then Bruce Cox got the microphone and began to share our story.  He said the team had "something brewing" and would be collecting donations in a coffee pot throughout the game.  They also passed out purple "Gracelets" to anyone in the stands who wanted one.  The team ended up raising $260, which will definitely be put to good use for the INAD study.

After that, it was time for the big first pitch!  With a little (or a lot) of help from her dad, Grace and Kyle took the pitcher's mound and made the toss.  Kyle pitched the ball up in the air several times first, much to Grace's delight.  They made the toss, and everyone cheered.

Here comes the pitch!
As we made our way back to the dugout, I noticed one of the players had her "Gracelet" tied to her ball glove.  The players couldn't play with them on, but she wanted to make sure she had it with her during the game.

We are so honored by those sharing in our "Grace filled journey."
As Kyle took his spot along the fence to cover the game, Grace and I made our way to the bleachers to watch the game and cheer for both teams.

Grace's busy social schedule certainly keeps us on our toes, but we feel so honored that the communities in this area have adopted our family and given Grace so many experiences this year. We'll never, ever forget the kindness shown to our family.   We love you all!

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