Friday, March 13, 2015

In The Big Inning

With spring training officially underway, this family is definitely ready for baseball season!

Grace and I got our first taste of baseball this year at a special musical, In The Big Inning, at Zion Lutheran School in Litchfield on Tuesday night.  The musical was put on by the third and fourth grade Hosanna Choir, including Kyle's cousin, Katelyn, and we were thrilled to get to see her on stage.  We would have brought Kyle with us too, but he was sick this week.

We were also honored to be special guests at that evening's show.  During the day, Kyle's aunt, Angie, took "Gracelets" to students and staff in all grades, as they have been prayer warriors for Grace since day one.  They also voted to donate their fourth quarter chapel offerings to the INAD study at Washington University.

Principal Wes Jones introduced Grace and I at the musical.
Prior to the start of the show, the school's principal, Wes Jones, introduced himself to us, and showed me that he was proudly wearing his purple "Gracelet."  He told me a very touching story too.  Mr. Jones said the last time that he wore a bracelet like this was for a friend who was battling lymphoma, which is a form of cancer. His friend is still teaching, and just this year marked five years being cancer free.  I got goosebumps just thinking about the amazing ways that God works.

When they got ready to start the show, Mr. Jones shared our story with the audience, and asked Grace and I to stand up and wave to everyone, all the people that are keeping us in their prayers.  We feel so blessed to have so many prayer warriors.

Katelyn and her friends in the Zion Lutheran School musical.
The play begins with 20 or 25 third and fourth graders getting ready for the big baseball game against a hard team.  They feel like they need a "Hall of Famer" to help them win.  Along the way, the kids learn that God uses ordinary people to do extraordinary things if they have faith.  The kids called them "Hall of Faithers."  

I really enjoyed watching Grace during the play.  Part of the time she was trying to wave at the kids and she loved all the cute songs in the musical.  And the story behind the musical really got me thinking.  So many times I feel like God should have chosen someone more special to be Grace's mom.  I'm just an ordinary, small-town mom, not equipped to meet some of the demands required of me.  But I have faith that God can use me in some extraordinary ways. It will be tough each and every day, but God expects us to do our best. He doesn't expect us to be perfect, just to give Him everything we have. And I do my best each and every day to be the best mom to Gracie that I can be.  

And I have faith that God is going to use Grace in some extraordinary ways too.  He does each and every day in showing me the importance of determination, patience and courage.  She's the bravest little girl I've ever met.

Lots of smiles when you have this many grandmas loving on you.
Thanks to the generosity of this community and beyond, she may even make a difference in the world of INAD.  From donations, we mailed an $8,000 check to Washington University this week to start the research study, and I got an e-mail today saying we were the first official donors to the study.  We will continue raising funds for the study until the day they find a treatment for these very special kids.  

And we couldn't do it without each and every one of you who have helped us along the way.  You see, God is using each of you in an extraordinary way too.  So, take courage and wisdom, and God will make us all "Hall of Faithers," simply by believing. 

Grace always has a good time hanging out with her cousins.
Thanks to the staff and students at Zion Lutheran School this week for inviting us, inspiring us, loving us and most of all, for praying for us. It means the world to us.


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  1. You are a wonderful mother and Gracie is very lucky to have you as a mother. God knows you will be there for Gracie no matter what comes your way. He picked a special set of parents for an extremely special girl. We will beat this INAD. Love and prayers