Wednesday, December 16, 2015

The Nutcracker

Our faithful blog readers might remember one of the first Grace-Filled Journey fundraisers back in March, Feet of Grace, with our friends at Fusion Dance Center. Well, they have been hard at work again, and raised another $740 for the INAD research study.

Several weeks ago, Fusion Dance Center owner Heather Edwards told me they wanted Grace to be one of the recipients of the proceeds from this year's The Nutcracker performance. We are so humbled and honored they have adopted us into their family.

We had fun telling the dance girls about Grace's story at their pizza party.
Heather asked if Kyle and I would bring Grace by the studio on a Saturday in September. The dancers were having a pizza party, and she wanted us to share part of our story. We also got to hear more about the story of the other recipient, the Bond County backpack program, which provides food for kids in need throughout the weekend.  It sounds like such an awesome program, and one that's very much needed.

We are always delighted for the chance to share our story and more about Grace, so it was fun that day to see the kids. They all love Grace so much.

The performances of The Nutcracker were the first weekend of December in Greenville, and we had really hoped to take Grace. But it was a busy weekend for us, and when Saturday evening rolled around, she was just too tired. We stayed in, though it wouldn't have been the first time she had slept through The Nutcracker. Last year, Aunt Mikaela got her tickets to see the favorite ballet in St. Louis, and she fell asleep on Grandma Kim's lap about 15 minutes into the show. But she really does love the music.

We were blown away that the dancers raised another $740 for the INAD study!
This week, Heather asked if we would once again come by the studio for a check presentation.  It works out well that we provide our own publicity. And we were truly blown away by the amount of money they raised.  We've already started collecting again for the next donation to the study, and their $741 put us over $3,000. We continue to stand humbled and amazed at the generous souls who have embraced our story.

Grace and I had the best seat in the house to watch the dancers.
Before we left after the photo, one of the girls asked if they could show Grace a new dance they are learning to "Colors of the Wind" from Pocahontas. Grace and I sat in front of the mirror, and she grinned almost as soon as the music started. I couldn't help but smile as she laughed and grinned as the girls danced around the studio. She especially seemed to like the parts where they were sort of running, which made a loud noise on the floor that she liked.  Grace loved it, and the girls really seemed to love how much Grace liked their performance.

Grace was all smiles watching the dancers.
Our grateful thanks to Fusion Dance Center for being such a special part of this Grace-Filled Journey. We can't wait to come back and see the girls dance again soon.


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