Thursday, December 31, 2015

Galer Family Christmas

Just when you think we couldn't have any more fun, we have one final family Christmas, with my dad's side on the day after Christmas.  We never celebrate on the actual holiday, but shortly thereafter, while my brother, John and his wife, Emily are home.

Our traditional family photo at the Galer family Christmas.
This year was especially hard, because it was the first Christmas without my Grandma Galer, who passed away this spring. But to celebrate her memory, my Aunt Anne picked some of grandma's casserole recipes, and we shared making them. Okay, in our household, Johnny and Emily did the cooking, while Grace and I did the supervising (and eating sugar cookies), but it was still fun to be all together.

Uncle Johnny and Aunt Emily work on the cooking.
We dodged raindrops on the quick drive to Aunt Anne's, and enjoyed our family meal together, taking in the company and the casseroles.

Grace and her cousin, Izzy.
After dinner, my cousin Phil's daughter, Izzy, played the piano with Aunt Anne and sang Christmas songs, and it was so sweet to hear her little voice.  Her baby brother, Henry got passed around quite a bit too, before falling asleep in my mom's lap.

Izzy and Aunt Anne provided Christmas entertainment.
Izzy has now taken over one of my childhood roles, that of present-passer-outer.  For years, I have helped Aunt Anne pass out all the presents, and this year, I could officially pass on my role to Izzy, who seemed to love opening presents.

Grace and her new "Hollywood" sign.
Grace and her new Pete the Cat pajamas.

Grace got a darling "Grace" sign for her bedroom and some new Pete the Cat gear. Her mommy even got a Pete the Cat shirt too, so we can match sometimes.

Cousins Keith and Phil with their new toys.
Mom and dad got a new sign for the office.
Sometimes, the gifts even get a little silly. My cousins got a remote control cage fighting game, which brought endless hours of entertainment for everyone watching them play.  Most people took a turn, but I think Keith was crowned the winner, or maybe Johnny. Sometimes it was hard to tell.

Grace enjoyed sitting in her beanbag chair and watching all the festivities around her, and some snuggling with mom and dad too.  Christmas is definitely a good time for snuggling. And for family, and we are so grateful for another year with ours.


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