Thursday, December 31, 2015

Armour Family Christmas

Just the Sunday before Christmas, we got ready for another family celebration, this time for Kyle's mom's family. They are just about as big as the Hutsons, and it's always fun to be together.

Annual cousin photo at the Armour family Christmas.
The celebration used to be held on Christmas around lunchtime, but the last few years has been moved to right before the big day. As the family continues to grow, it seems like more members can come if it's not right on Christmas Day. We feel like we don't end up having to rush around as much.

Grace and her daddy show off their taco dip!
That Sunday is always cantata Sunday, so we arrived a little after the festivities started, but in plenty of time to have fun with everyone. Grace also got the chance to see both of her newest cousins, Quincy and Keelen again, as they were celebrating their first Armour family Christmas.

Talking to Great-Grandma Virginia
Lunch includes a variety of soups and chili, as well as other long-time family favorite recipes. We brought taco dip in a giant gingerbread man pan. It's sort of become our own tradition, and it was completely gone before we left.

Asleep at the party.
Just after we got there, Kyle's Aunt Kim gave Grace a turkey medal from one of her races in November. She said she thought it was fitting since we kept calling Grace our "Little Turkey" around Thanksgiving time.

I'm not sure this photo needs a caption . . .
It's always nice to visit with Kyle's Grandma Virginia. She gets to see Grace on Tuesday mornings when there's no school. And it's always been funny that Grace prefers to see her on Tuesday mornings, so she doesn't have to share her with anyone.

Grandma Virginia and her kids, minus Aunt Kristy.
Just before it was time to open presents, Grace managed to fall asleep in my lap.  She's not very good about falling asleep that way, so how she managed to snooze through the chaos is beyond me, but I enjoyed all the snuggles.

Grace liked opening presents.
Her new Minnie Mouse was a hit!
We also participate in a gift exchange for the Armour Christmas, and Grace got several new Disney and princess books. She also got a new Christmas ornament for the tree and some paint for the bathtub.  Kyle and I got travel goodies and spending money for the entire Armour family trip to Branson next June. We are really looking forward to seeing everyone.

I'm not so sure about these two.
All too soon, it was time to head for home. Well, Kyle and I had to go back to work, but it meant more fun for Gracie Lou!  She got to stay with Grandma Kim and PaPa Randy, and Grace got to go with her cousins to visit Great-Grandma Mary and Uncle Pat.  We loved the photos of her hanging out with the two boys, and hated to miss out.

Grace hanging out with her cousins at Great-Grandma Mary's house.
It was another fun Christmas celebration, and we feel very blessed to live so close to everyone.


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