Thursday, May 10, 2018

Team Grace and the Mohawks

The following story was written by students at Morrisonville High School following our visit to the school in April.  We always enjoy the chance to share our story with the students and have been blown away by how much money they have raised for INAD research.  #TeamGrace

by MHS Students

Morrisonville biology students were treated to special guest speakers on Monday, April 9. Kyle, Mary, Grace and Charley Herschelman of Hillsboro spent just over an hour in their presence sharing their story about INAD (infantile neuroaxonal dystrophy), in vitro fertilization and an exciting new potential drug study to slow the progression of this disorder.

Grace got her photo taken with all the students and staff who wore Grace shirts for our visit.

This is the fourth consecutive year that the students at Morrisonville have been blessed to have this family share their genetic experience.

Prior to their arrival, the students and faculty participated in a friendly competition to raise funds to support their ongoing mission to bring awareness to INAD and to aid the family with expenses.
This year, every first hour teacher sold raffle tickets for students to win several prizes including various desserts. The final winning ticket was drawn by Kyle and handed off to Mary to reveal the winning class that would be treated to a gourmet meal provided by the staff. Congrats to Mrs. Frisbie’s math class! During the four days in which the tickets were sold, students raised $825.
When asked what their favorite part of Grace’s visit was, students stated that they loved watching Charley interact with Grace. They also loved how Grace would respond with a huge smile to their laughter after Kyle slipped in a hysterical one liner.

This was Charley's first visit to Morrisonville, and she loved meeting all the students.

Students also remarked on how inspiring Kyle and Mary are as parents and the wonderful opportunities they provide for Grace and Charley. Morrisonville Junior and Senior High School are very proud to be part of this Grace-Filled Journey.

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