Friday, December 23, 2016

Armour Family Christmas

With just a few days until Christmas, we enjoyed our second family get together celebration, this time with the Armours, which is Kyle's mom's family.

Daddy and Grace cheesing in their Christmas outfits.
Visiting with Grandma Virginia.
Despite an icy weekend, the roads were cleared in time for the party, and even though temperatures were just above zero, there was plenty of warmth at the party.  Once again, we dressed in our darling Christmas shirts and Grace wore her Rudolph outfit.  We definitely looked like we were ready for some Christmas fun.

Herschelman Family Photo
And Grace loved seeing all the kids, especially our nephews, Keelen and Quincy, who are one this Christmas and lots of fun to watch.  

Armour cousins photo.
After we got there, we had a chance to visit with Kyle's Grandma Virginia for awhile, as she and Grace have always had a special relationship.  It was also fun catching up with family members that we don't see nearly often enough.

Hanging out with Katelyn, Kensey and Kayley.
Family photo with our smiling princess.
The Armours serve several types of soup for lunch, and there's always plenty of great things to eat.  After we finished, Grace enjoyed a pediasure, along with a snowman Christmas cookie for good measure.

Grace got a new book called The Gingerbread Pirates.
We had a lot of fun taking family photos and just hanging out throughout the afternoon.  Grace had fun helping me open her presents.  She got several new books, including The Gingerbread Pirates, which quickly became one of Kyle's favorites, a bright yellow Care Bear and some warm, fuzzy Elsa socks, which she has worn almost every day this week.  

Snuggling her new Care Bear.
All too soon, it was time for Kyle and I to head into work.  We left Grace with Papa Randy and Grandma Kim and plenty of people to cuddle with, including some of her favorites, Kayley and Kensey.  Although the time is never long enough, it's always nice to have everyone together and celebrate family throughout the holiday season.


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