Saturday, October 15, 2016

A Fun-Filled Fall Field Trip

It was certainly a beautiful day for a trip to the pumpkin patch with Grace's preschool class.  Kyle and I felt very fortunate to have the morning off to take Grace to Rhodes Family Farm in Worden for a fun day with her friends.  We even got to carpool with Grace's classmate and cousin, Isabel, and her mom, Lindsey.

Grace and Izzy loved watching Mary Poppins on the car ride.
We put Grace's favorite movie, Mary Poppins, on the car's DVD player, and enjoyed the nearly hour-long trip visiting.  It was Izzy's weekend to have the class teddy bear, Charlie, so she brought him along for the ride too.

Getting ready to check out the corn maze.
Grace thought it was hilarious when Kyle flicked corn off the cob.
When we arrived at the pumpkin patch, we found half a dozen buses and hundreds of kids and their teachers and families, including several buses from the Litchfield School District. Kyle happened to look up and notice a bus from Triad, and we were delighted to find my cousin, Abby, who teacher pre-K there, on a class trip as well.

We were so excited to see cousin Abby on the field trip.
After we got into the gates, our preschool families split up until it was time for a wagon ride to pick out pumpkins all together.  Kyle and I took Grace on a walk through the corn maze first, and she really liked it when he popped some corn kernels off the cob.  She would just giggle and giggle.

Grace loved when we tossed the bean bags!
Grace and her daddy really wanted to shoot the pumpkin cannon.
We successfully navigated the corn maze, or just retraced our steps back to the beginning, to wander around a little more.  Kyle and I found a cornhole bags game, and Grace just giggled as she watched us toss the beanbags back and forth.  She was especially excited that mommy won the game!  Then Kyle found a wiffle ball toss game, and helped Grace toss some of the balls too.

Being silly with Daddy!
Grace and her daddy fed the goats.
Before it was time to meet up with Grace's class again, we went to feed the baby goats, checked out some pumpkins and watched some kids in Grace's class ride the train.  As we walked to meet back up with the class, Isabel held Grace's hand, and Grace loved seeing her friends from the morning and the afternoon class too.

Holding hands with cousin Izzy.
Grace liked it when Lauren showed her an ear of corn.
We loaded up in two big wagons, and it was fun to see the kids talk about what they liked to do at the farm.  After ten minutes or so, we arrived to an area where there were lots of pumpkins set up in all sizes, and each student got to pick out a pumpkin to take home.  We picked a small pumpkin with mottled colors for Grace, and set it out in front of the house when we got home.

Grace and her daddy loved the wagon ride.
Grace and mommy loved the wagon ride too!
Before loading up the wagons, we took a group photo of the kids in both classes, and after returning to the main farm area, much of the class stayed to have lunch together in the picnic area.  It's a bit hard to feed Grace on picnic tables, so we opted instead to head for home with Izzy and Lindsey.

Class photo at Rhodes Family Farm.

It was such a beautiful day to be outdoors and enjoy some time with Grace and her classmates. We even hope to return for some more fall fun at Rhodes Family Farm someday.


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