Friday, September 16, 2016

A Special Fifth Birthday

It seems hard to believe that five years ago, we were at St. Francis Hospital in Litchfield meeting the biggest blessing of our lives.  And though it's definitely been a roller coaster, we are so blessed to have another year to celebrate on this "Grace-Filled Journey."

The beautiful birthday girl!
Family photo opportunity.
We typically host Grace's family birthday party on the Sunday afternoon before Labor Day because it's not a paper day for us.  And it seems to work well.  

Daddy helped Grace blow out the candles on her Dory cake.
Kyle, Grace and I had a ball at the party store several weeks ago trying to decide what kind of party to have.  We ended up with a Finding Dory theme, since we had so much fun at the movie together this summer. The three of us picked out some Dory plates, napkins and decorations.

The birthday princess!
Then, it was time to set up for the party.  Grandma Susie made the Dory cake and Grandma Kim brought all the fixings for ice cream sundaes.  And I was lucky to have such great help setting up for the party!

Going for a ride in her new birthday wagon!
Kyle brought Grace close to the time to start the party, and she enjoyed getting to see both her cousins, Keelen and Quincy. After setting up a few photos, it was time to sing "Happy Birthday," and Kyle helped Grace blow out her candles. He even helped her enjoy some cake and ice cream during the party.

Hanging out with her cousins, Keelen and Quincy.
Posing with Grandma Kim and PaPa Randy.
Posing with Grandma Susie and PaPa John.
And then it was time for presents, and we are truly blessed.  Grace got so many nice new clothes, a new wagon and even a special display case for some of her autographed baseballs and bats.  It was a pretty special day.

Grace got a personalized US soccer jersey for her birthday.
When the day of her actual birthday rolled around, it was Wednesday of that week, which coincided with the first day of preschool. So, she got to celebrate there too.  We filled out her birthday train and made treat bags for all her new friends at school, with some of Grace's favorite things like bubbles and M&Ms.

Grace had fun showing her preschool friends her birthday train.
She really enjoyed her friends singing to her at preschool and getting a new multi-colored slinky from the birthday box.  We even brought one of her favorite preschool snacks, Berry, Berry Kix cereal to share with her friends.  It was another fun way to celebrate turning five.

Blowing out candles at her preschool party.
As I look back through old photos, it seems hard to believe that five years have gone by. Grace's journey is much different than other kids, and sometimes that can be hard on mom and dad. But she always has a smile and the sweetest laugh that reminds us that different is okay. Grace will always be our "ladybug," and whether we get to share another five birthdays with her or 50, we will cherish each and every memory.

Happy 5th Birthday, Sweet Grace!


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  1. It is such a wonderful day celebrating another birthday for Grace. I remember her birth as if it were only yesterday, it hardly seems like five years. She has an almost magical presence due to her beautiful smile. She will be an amazing sister, too. I also would like to wish her a belated birthday and send our love and kisses.