Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Movie Night Under The Stars

As Grace and I sat out under the stars, I just couldn't help but think how lucky we were to live in such a wonderful community.

Earlier this spring, Jeanne Banovic, who is the president of the Litchfield Rotary Club, told me her organization was planning a free family movie night at Sky View Drive-In, and they wanted to help raise funds for INAD awareness. I told her yes, and that we were so excited to be a part of such a fun event. We had also been hoping to take Grace to the drive-in sometime this summer, so it seemed meant to be.

Grandma Kim and Grace got tickets for the carnival games.
In making plans, they set the movie night for Sunday, June 12, in hopes that many families would be able to come that night.  It didn't work as well for our family, since Sunday is a paper night.  But even though all of us didn't get to go, Grace and I still had a really great time!

I went into work early that afternoon so I could get done in time, and Kyle's mom met me at the drive-in with Grace. They were already there when I got there, watching the kids play some of the carnival-type games manned by the Rotary Club members. There was a bubble station and a ring toss game, and lots and lots of prizes.  The kids really seemed to be enjoying themselves.

Cousin Izzy won two fans and gave one to Grace!
The Litchfield Rotary Club also collected donations as people arrived and had a 50/50 drawing. They split the proceeds between INAD research and the Montgomery County Cancer Association, another awesome community organization.

When we got there, my aunt and uncle were already there with one of my cousins and his family. Izzy, who is just a year younger than Grace, was enjoying playing the games. She even won a fan for Grace, and was so excited to give it to her. Grace enjoyed checking out the bubble station, and visiting with everyone that was there. One family even came over and all three kids asked if they could meet Grace. They were so sweet as they came over to say hi.

Hanging out with the McLaughlins to watch Minions.
Then, it was time for the movie to start. Grandma Kim headed for home, and Grace and I found a perfect spot next to Uncle Ralph's truck. She got some free popcorn from the Rotary, so we settled in to watch Minions. Grace sat on my lap, and we just enjoyed snuggling under the stars.

I had never seen Minions before, and it's a cute movie, even though Grace didn't make it through until the end. But as we snuggled, I couldn't help but think how lucky we are to live in a place that cares so much about our beautiful Grace.  We were honored to be part of such a special night, and can't wait to go back to the drive-in and sit under the stars together.


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