Thursday, January 21, 2016

A Newsy Date

While our blog usually follows our adventures with Grace, sometimes Kyle and I enjoy an adventure or two on our own.  Sometimes our date nights include covering events for the paper, other times, we steal away for lunch at the Mexican restaurant. But then, there are times, we get some really special chances too.

We are so grateful to both of our families for being gracious to watch Grace so Kyle and I have some time together, and I think Grace enjoys it as much as both sets of our parents do. 

This particular night, she had a pajama party with Grandma Susie and Grandpa John. And Kyle and I headed to St. Louis for an evening at the Fabulous Fox Theatre.

Kyle and I went to see Newsies at the Fox Theatre.
We left shortly after work, and it's always a big decision where to eat. There are so many choices, and we love to try new restaurants or foodie places. However, time also becomes a factor for us.  We tossed a few ideas back and forth. I suggested Zia's on the Hill and Kyle suggested the Shaved Duck or the Farmhouse, which were both new places to us. In the end, we picked Ruby Tuesday's in Litchfield, which we thought might save us some time and get us to the show before the opening curtain.

Our dinner was delicious, but as well left, it started to snow, and we talked about whether or not we should head out on the roads. Nights out like that can be rare for us, so we chose to brave the roads and said we would spend the night in St. Louis if we have to. 

Cheesing during intermission.
Kyle and I have been fortunate to share many date nights at both the Fox Theatre and the Muny in St. Louis. I feel blessed that Kyle not only goes with me to the shows, but that he enjoys them as well.  We have seen Wicked, Stomp, Mary Poppins, Young Frankenstein and Beauty in the Beast, just to name a few.  

But this week's show was especially exciting for us. It was a production of Disney's Newsies, inspired by the true story from the late 1800s, when the newsboys went on a strike up against the very powerful Joseph Pulitzer.  The music and dancing were fantastic, and of course, we loved the story.  

Grace had fun playing at Grandma and Grandpa's house while we were gone.
As the final bows were taken, we made our way back to the lobby for just a quick peek at the souvenirs. Sometimes we get a collectible pin, but most of the time we just browse. However, at first glance, we caught sight of a newsboy teddy bear, complete with a hat and carrier bag. And we knew Grace just had to have one.  She just loved when we brought it home to her. 

We also talked about bringing her to a show sometime.  Although we haven't picked a show yet, we know it will be an experience she will love.

Grace loved her special souvenir from our date night.
Our night quickly came to a close, and fortunately the snow wasn't too bad, so we were able to make our way home.  Although we missed Grace, it was nice to have an evening not to have to worry about meals or bathtime, or even bedtime.  Kyle and I even got to sleep in a little the next morning. And then we couldn't wait to pick her up from school and give her the souvenir.

Not all of our adventures directly involve Grace, but it's just another day on this "Grace-Filled Journey."


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