Thursday, April 2, 2015

Mohawk Penny Wars

Once a Mohawk, always a Mohawk.

The Herschelmans were truly blessed to return to the halls of Morrisonville Junior and Senior High School today. It's been about a month since we visited the high school science classes to talk about Grace's genetic disorder. At the time, they gave us just over $1,000 for the INAD research study.  It seems as though they've adopted our sweet, little Grace.

Over the past month, students at the junior and senior high have been very busy with a little something they liked to call "Penny Wars." And from what we heard, the competition was tough, but Grace was the true winner.

One of the teachers gave us a few updates as the fundraiser started, and we volunteered to bring Grace back for a visit when they announced the winning team. Well, today was the day!

The GIANT check for $1,500 from Penny Wars.
We got to the school, and one of the first things we noticed was how many classrooms had pictures of Grace on their doors or in the windows.  It was so cool.  Since we were a few minutes early, we got to visit the seventh graders, who actually won the "Penny Wars" challenge, raising over $400.

Before the assembly, Mrs. Christian gave Grace an Easter basket full of goodies, including a darling stuffed purple bunny, which she snuggled immediately, and Easter eggs full of her favorite candy, M&Ms.  

Mrs. Christian and I had e-mailed back and forth several times working out the date and time for the assembly, and she asked me if Grace would be overwhelmed with 140 students in the gym.  We told her that we were pretty sure Grace would love it.  And she did.

This is the winning seventh grade team with Grace!
We walked into the gym, and they had a table set up with a perfect bean bag chair for her to sit in.  (Kyle and I have already decided that we're getting one for the house for Grace!)  We shared a little bit of our story with all the students, and had the chance to thank them for all they had done.

Then, Mrs. Christian announced the total, which completely blew us away. She handed us a check for $1,500! And we just couldn't believe it.  We are so grateful to all the faculty, administrators, students and parents who made this possible.  It's simply awesome.

But the best part of the day was watching the students interact with Grace.  One asked if she could take her picture with her.  Another made her an art project, which we will hang up in her room along with the big check, which was made by several eighth graders handmade a giant check to present us at the assembly.

Grace just LOVED all the attention from the students!
And Grace just grinned the whole time, smiling at the students when they talked to her and snuggling her stuffed bunny.  

We also had the chance to meet Mrs. Christian's daughter, who used to work with Kyle's mom and grandma at ABC Daycare in Raymond, as well as her three children.  They told us they follow our blog (here's a special shout out for when you read this!).  They also gave Grace a couple of presents, a handmade "Pray for Grace" banner and a new singing and dancing Dora the Explorer doll.  Grace just loved the music.

Grace with some of her new friends.  We hope you like the blog!
All in all, it was another amazing day, and Kyle and I are so grateful to all of the people who have embraced our story and continue to love Grace. The funds will be used for the INAD research study, and hopefully one day to find a treatment for Grace and the other INAD kids.

Grace really likes her new purple bunny!
Just another day in this "Grace-Filled Journey!"


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